Medics against Violence​​​
3rd Annual Run for Health Hope and Happiness
Sunday 11th June 2017
Pollok Park, Glasgow 
T: 01786 896 789​​​​
Medics against Violence is a Scottish violence prevention charity founded and run by frontline healthcare workers.
Our aim is to prevent violence and injury which has blighted the lives of so many Scottish young people. We do this by working in partnership with schools and the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit.  We raise awareness of the consequences of violence and have spoken to over 27500 young people in Scottish secondary schools since 2009.
During that time we have seen violence among young people reduce markedly.
Knife crime has dramatically reduced  and  we are proud that over 95% of Scottish young people never get involved in serious violence. But, we are aware there is still work to do, some areas of Scotland still experience higher levels violence in their communities and we are determined to keep going until this changes.
Medics against Violence and the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit are proud to be partners with A Community in Motion a really groundbreaking project taking part in 4 East End Primary Schools.
We are delighted to support them by donating the profits from this event to their project Health Hope and Happiness.
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